Makeup and Hair by Yulan

Hair And Make Up By Yulan | Photographer By Kenza Le Bas| Model Valentine Payen - France

"Her work is clear and precise, it is not easy to find quality make up in Bali, but I found a couple of them ...Yulan, friendly demeanor and good work speaks for everything."

-- Lukas Vrtilek Fashion Photographer, Czech Republic

"Yulan's great at coverage but she knows how not to cake on make up! She really spends time on perfecting details with the eyes!"

-- Melissa Fries, Model BaliStarz Canada

“Looking at how Yulan works is amazing. She is really talented and is at ease to work on any face and any look...”

-- Shierley Koval, Owner The Shampoo Lounge, Bali, Indonesia

"Yulan is not only great to work with but she can transform any shoot into a super glam production, fab makeup, fab hair... fab chic!.

-- Bianca Todorov Fashion Photography Bali, Singapore, Australia

Makeup for Film

Interpreting the demands of the movie director and the script is essential to creating the right look, from a high-fashion look focusing creativity and sculpting to aged looks, aliens and crazy characters. 

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Hair and Makeup by Yulan