Makeup and Hair by Yulan

"Her work is clear and precise, it is not easy to find quality make up in Bali, but I found a couple of them ...Yulan, friendly demeanor and good work speaks for everything."

-- Lukas Vrtilek Fashion Photographer, Czech Republic

"Yulan's great at coverage but she knows how not to cake on make up! She really spends time on perfecting details with the eyes!"

-- Melissa Fries, Model BaliStarz Canada

“Looking at how Yulan works is amazing. She is really talented and is at ease to work on any face and any look...”

-- Shierley Koval, Owner The Shampoo Lounge, Bali, Indonesia

"Yulan is not only great to work with but she can transform any shoot into a super glam production, fab makeup, fab hair... fab chic!."

-- Bianca Todorov Fashion Photography Bali, Singapore, Australia

  Hair and Make up by Yulan, Photographer by Kenza Le Bas 

Makeup for Film

Interpreting the demands of the movie director and the script is essential to creating the right look, from a high-fashion look focusing creativity and sculpting to aged looks, aliens and crazy characters. 

For Inquiries please:

Illegal Alien, Bali, Indonesia

Makeup by Yulan | Photography by Kenza la Bas | Model Kelly Ariella

Summer Fruits, Bali, Indonesia

Makeup by Yulan | Photography by Kenza La Bas | Model Valentine Payen from So Wanted
Hair and Makeup by Yulan